Model 205 Original price was: ₨20,199.Current price is: ₨16,700.
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32-GL Hybrid Electric+ Gas Storage Geyser -Installment Original price was: ₨78,600.Current price is: ₨63,899.

Infrared Cooktops -HIRC-115

Original price was: ₨19,170.Current price is: ₨15,200.

Infrared  Ceramic Cooker
Latest Technology With Inner and Outer Coil Control Option
Black Glass A Grade Polish Glass

Overheating Protection
Power 200 To 2200W
Temperature 50° To 500°
Frequency 50Hz

Digital Screen
Size 304 x 101.6 MM

It can use any set pot


  • Usable Pots/Pans
  • Material : Iron, cast iron, enameled iron, steel, stainless steel, glass, heat-resistant
    glass, ceramic, copper, aluminium – pots & pans with a flat bottom and a diameter
    from 12 cm to 26 cm.
  • DO NOT use pots & pans with a round bottom and a diameter less than 12 cm or
    greater than 26 cm
  • High-tech, far-infrared heating: it uses the far infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is entirely safe and poses no danger to health. It includes many cooking functions, including warming
  • Any pot can be used, such as iron, aluminium, copper, ceramics, marmite heatresistant glass and any heat-resistant utensil can be used as well
  • Multi-function: Touch control, Timer function
  • Environmentally-friendly: no fire, no smoke, no soot and no carbon monoxide
  • Easy to clean: crystal glass plate
  • Convenient: intelligent micro-computer control