Hanco hobs combine quality materials with cutting-edge technology. You can choose from an array of sizes, shapes, and cooking methods to match the aesthetics of your oven.

Considering demands for superior performance, Hanco’s design team has created ultra-rapid and high-performance burners whose near-vertical flame pledges ideal cooking.

Instant Water Heater

Regain more space with a compact design

Maximum output, minimum space: About the size of a small suitcase, these wall-mounted models can be installed on the interior or exterior walls and in compact spaces to free up valuable space.

Save money

Designed for efficiency: Hanco’s tankless technology features durable heat exchangers to provide maximum efficiency and uses less energy than a traditional tank.


Excellent performance and easy operation

This stainless steel range hood is incredibly flawless, with modern European design. A range hood with a bold, smooth, outer exterior and beautiful brushed stainless steel.

The capacity of a kitchen hood should match the size of the room the hood is designed to ventilate. Contemporary trends in home design, where the kitchen has become a place for eating and entertaining, as well as cooking, also calls for a higher capacity hood.