Infrared Cooktops -HIRC-120 -Installment Original price was: ₨24,999.Current price is: ₨16,000.
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Model HDE-85-Smart -Installment Original price was: ₨47,599.Current price is: ₨43,249.

Model HDE-87-Smart -Installment

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Original price was: ₨51,099.Current price is: ₨39,899.


  • Available Installment
    4 Month = 9974.75 Per Month Only
    6 Month = 6649.83 Per Month Only
    10 Month = 3989.9 Per Month Only
  • Voice Control Feature
  • Imported
  • Brand Warranty
  • Advanced Auto Cleaning System
  • Hand Motion Sensor with LED Touch Display
  • 3 Speed Double Bearing Copper Motor
  • Double Layer StainlessSteelFilter
  • 2 xLED Bulbs
  • Metal Wind Cabinet
  • Metal Wind Wheel 150 mm
  • Heavy Suction Power
  • Easily Washable Filters
  • Exhaust Pipe Length is 6 feet
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Excellent performance and easy operation

This stainless-steel range hood is incredibly flawless, with modern European design. A range hood with a bold, smooth, outer exterior and beautiful brushed stainless steel.

The capacity of a kitchen hood should match the size of the room the hood is designed to ventilate. Contemporary trends in home design, where the kitchen has become a place for eating and entertaining, as well as cooking, also calls for a higher capacity hoods.